Safeguarding against Covid-19

We understand that you might want to know what we as a company are doing to safeguard our staff & customers against the spread of Covid-19.

Risk Assesments: Additional to our standard company risk assesments, a full specifically targeted COVID-secure risk assesment has been carried out for the premises. All staff have been issued with a copy alongside the guidance & training they have received before their return to the workplace.

If you would like to read through our risk assesment please click on the following link:

Extra Measures

  • On entering the premises you will be greeted by a member of staff who will show you to your allocated table
  • Face coverings are still part of our staff uniform & we do still encourage their use for all our customers who can safely use them, however this is no longer mandatory.
  • We have installed 2 wall mounted sanitiser stations for your use that are clearly marked at the front & rear of the premises.
  • Our food menus are printed and have a special antibacterial lamination
  • All our condiments are currently in sachet form
  • Staff have been trained to santise their hands after performing every service ‘action’ & complete a full traditional soap & water handwash every 1/2 hour on a timer system
  • All tables & chairs will be fully sanitised between each service
  • Toilet facilities will be checked & sanitised after customer use
  • We encourage contactless payments & accept apple pay

Staff Training

All our team have completed accredited training programs prior to their return to work including COVID-19 specific health & safety training.

All our staff strive to make Goodliffes an inviting and safe place to visit, they fully respect the need to adhere to strict new regimes whilst still providing the friendly & efficient service you would want – please be patient with us while we all work hard to deliver our ‘new normal’

Thank you